TensorFlow & Keras

Some Machine Learning terminology

特征,Feature — The input(s) to our model. In this case, a single value — the degrees in Celsius.

标签,Labels — The output our model predicts. In this case, a single value — the degrees in Fahrenheit.

样本,Example — A pair of inputs/outputs used during training. In our case a pair of values from celsius_q and fahrenheit_a at a specific index, such as (22,72).

Dense Layer,密集层

  1. connect everything with everything

Fashion MNIIST Dataset

激活函数 ReLU(Rectified Linear Unit)

gives an output of 0 if the input is negative or zero, and if input is positive, then the output will be equal to the input.

其他激活函数还有 Sigmoid、tanh、ELU


Convolution neural network

  1. convolution,

kernel 矩阵(Filter)


  1. maxpooling 最大池化

pool size stride

reduce the size of input image


过少参数,出现偏差 过多参数,overfitting

90% work is cleaning up data

图像增强(Image Augmentation),用各种随机图像转换创建新的训练样本 Dropout,训练中随机关闭某些神经元